How Can You Make Better Hires?

If you want to improve your hires, you can take a few steps to swing things in your favor. Consider the fact if you set yourself up for the best possible candidates, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

  • Improve your job descriptions. Have you ever had someone attempt to describe a famous person, but their description was so vague you couldn’t figure out who they meant? A vague job description will have candidates applying who don’t fit your needs, and that means you will have to sift through quite a few before you find the best ones for you. Writing a better job description makes the entire process more efficient for you. Therefore, go beyond the basic skills and requirements, focusing on culture as well, letting them know what you stand for. This makes for a better fit all around.
  • Work with a staffing agency. If you truly want to find the best candidates for you, work with a staffing agency that knows how to find top talent, such as PrideStaff. Staffing agencies work with specific industries, connecting quality employees with employers looking for specific talent. Plus, they make sure to vet all their candidates well and work closely with their clients, finding out their needs and supplying them with both temporary and permanent choices that will fit their needs without going through the time and effort of putting together an entire interview process.
  • Ask the right questions. When talking to candidates, you want to find out not only if they can do the job, but also if they want to do the job. That is, you need to find out why they have come in and what part of the job do they focus on? If they seem interested in the position, the company and what they can do to improve both, you’ll have a candidate who truly wants to become part of your organization. If they seem uninterested or talk about perks and salary, you don’t want to keep that person as one of your choices.

Streamlining your process for hiring will only benefit you and your company. For a quality staffing agency to help make that possible, work with the professional recruiters at PrideStaff Thousand Oaks Ventura County.