Want a Speedy Hiring Process? Do your part!

You carefully craft your resume, go through the process of filling in the application, and then…you wait. And wait. And wait. Did the application go through, you wonder? How long does this limbo last?

One of the biggest complaints regarding the hiring process? The snail-like pace it seems to take sometimes. Too often companies will drag their feet about getting back to candidates about interviews or whether they even made it to that interview phase. However, as an eager job seeker, you have your own responsibilities to stay on top of the process as well. Read on to see how you can become that squeaky wheel.

  • Cultivate a relationship with your recruiter. If you work with an agency such as PrideStaff to find your next job, the stronger your relationship, the better results you’ll have. Keep your recruiter current on your skills, your most recent job, any leads or hopes you have. Make it clear what you’re looking for — this helps the recruiter work best with you and know what leads to follow to connect you with an employer who will fit your skill set best.
  • Stay available. You don’t want to miss an opportunity because you neglected to answer your phone or check your email when a recruiter tried to contact you for a potential job. Recruiters won’t hunt you down; you have to stay on top of communication as well. Assume the opportunity won’t last long and you’ve got stiff competition. If you don’t jump on a potential interview, trust that another, hungrier job seeker will snap it up before you can blink. You should keep your schedule such that if a chance to meet with an employer arises, or if your recruiter needs to see you, you can readily make yourself available.
  • Get proactive. Make sure you regularly contact your recruiter to keep them updated as part of cultivating that relationship, as referenced above. Check in (but don’t badger) to see if they have any new companies that might have opportunities. Once you have an interview (and after you’ve written your thank-you note), let the recruiter know how it went and ask them for advice on what happens next so you’re ready for the next step in the candidate process. Staying proactive also signals you’re eager to get working, something the recruiter can possibly share with the employer.

Once you’ve met with your recruiter for the first time and put in an application, your work has just begun. The relationship you cultivate with your recruiter will not only speed up the current job process, keeping in touch will help with future work as well. Work with the experienced Ventura County staffing professionals at PrideStaff Thousand Oaks for the best results.

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