What Does a Negative Applicant Process Do to Your Candidate Pool?

Karen applied for a position at Company ABC, feeling she had a pretty good shot at an interview. She had the qualifications they wanted and had worked in the industry for several years. But she didn’t hear anything for three weeks after applying, and then only after she called and emailed…and got the response they were “looking at applications.” She got a phone interview a week later, and it seemed to go extremely well. But in the meantime, she’d also had an in-person interview at Company XYZ within two weeks of applying for the position. When ABC finally contacted her to come in for an interview, six weeks after her initial application, she’d already accepted the job at XYZ. Which one sounds like your hiring process?

  • It’s not just you in the power seat. As you get ready to go through your next round of applications for a new hire, bear this in mind: Just as you review them to find the best candidate for the job, remember they review you as well. And the way you handle the applicant process may well have an impact on the quality of future talent. In fact, a “Candidate Experience Study” done by research firm Future Workplace and HR-technology provider CareerArc found that 72 percent of candidates who had had a bad experience posted about it online using major platforms.
  • Communicate. One of the biggest complaints involves lack of communication/a lengthy application process. Candidates don’t want to feel as though they sent their resume and cover letter into a vortex, never to be seen again. Even if you decide not to move on to the next stage, let the candidate know, even in a form email. Companies and candidates seem to have a disconnect there as well: In this same study, “61 percent of employers claimed to notify candidates that their application had been declined, yet 65 percent of job seekers said they never or rarely receive notice from employers.” Ensure your online application is to the point (such as asking to post a resume and then having the candidate fill in the exact same information on an application) and you communicate frequently, especially with those you really want to hire.
  • Streamline the process. Want to get rid of your hiring headaches and find the best candidates? Consider working with a staffing recruiter. Companies spend time, energy and money working through the hiring process when all of that could be better utilized by working with a recruiting agency such as PrideStaff. Our sole purpose is to match our clients with the best-fitting candidates, and our hiring process works efficiently and effectively.

So rather than risking the best talent with a slow hiring process, work with PrideStaff Thousand Oaks. Our Ventura County recruiting professionals will help you find the talent you need to fill your vacant positions.

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