Five Essential Traits of Effective Managers

Think about your last terrific manager, either one who worked for you or one whom you worked for during your career. What did that person do so well that made them stand out? What qualities did he have that put them above the rest of the pack? Now think of the ineffective manager, the one who played favorites, who never let you know what was going on, who thrived on authority but didn’t really earn it. You have a clear picture in your mind of that person, too, right? Now, as a manager yourself, if you want to emulate the former rather than the latter, focus on these five traits to make you the best manager possible.

  1. Communication. A good manager lets their team know the basics of what’s going on. A great manager effectively communicates all pertinent aspects of what needs to happen on a project, as well as how it fits into the overall goals of the company. They also elicit responses from their team and listen well.
  2. Leadership. Not all managers know how to lead well. They do well individually, then get promoted and don’t know how to transfer that to their team. The manager who knows how to lead does so through motivation and holding themself accountable for the rest of the team doing well. They do this through smart communication and keeping a good structure while taking calculated risks to move the team and company forward.
  3. Relationship builder. A quality manager understands the vital importance of networking, whether on the internet or face to face. This person knows how to foster solid relationships with both clients and employees, encouraging each to engage with the company at their best level.
  4. Flexibility. The inflexible manager focuses on how things affect them, not those who work with and for them. If a bump in the road appears, they find a way to drive around it rather than getting stuck. They also know when to tighten the reins on their employees and when to stand back and let them do their jobs, taking calculated risks.
  5. Talent development. A great manager looks for talent on their team and finds ways to match the right employee with the right role through observation and putting forth opportunities to develop careers, either through mentorships or outside opportunities. They look not just toward the present but toward the future.

If you want to be the best manager possible, hone these traits in yourself. If you want to find your next great employee, partner with the local recruiting team at PrideStaff Thousand Oaks/Ventura County.

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