Will Transparency Boost Employee Retention? Definitely.

You’re working at your job, doing fine, liking the environment; then one day your boss announces the project you’ve been working on nonstop for the last three weeks is on hold because the company has decided to go in a different direction and you need to start over using different parameters. Oh, and it’s due a week after the original deadline.

This sort of last-minute change rarely goes over well. Yet employers do this with astonishing regularity to their employees, throwing them curve balls and expecting them to “go with it.” And while that’s an admirable skill to hone, when it becomes the norm, you’ll find your retention rates will start to drop. Transparency within your company will go a long way toward keeping employees happy and content to stay.

  • You’ll improve relationships. If you want employees to trust you, you must earn it. You manage this by letting your employees know about upcoming changes (as much as you can) and making yourself available for discussions, either about ideas they have or problems they’ve encountered. When employees feel their superiors truly listen to them and respond, it builds a network of people working together rather than simply in the same building. Trust in a boss also leads to far better retention.
  • It focuses people on company goals. Companies with an obvious, transparent mission take the guesswork out of asking the question, “What am I doing my job for?” It gives employees a purpose and helps them invest in their positions rather than just slogging through a day to collect a paycheck. That sort of communication helps employees know they’re working toward as a shared goal.
  • More transparency means better solutions. Have a problem to solve? If the folks working on it know all the angles, they’ll have a much better chance of doing so. And when you have multiple people attempting to find that solution, you’ve created built-in teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving, fantastic assets for any company to have and major reasons for employees to want to stay.

Companies work best when they focus on clarity and transparency with their employees, building a relationship of mutual respect and trust. To find your next trustworthy hire, reach out to the Ventura County staffing experts at PrideStaff Thousand Oaks today!