As you look for a new job, take the time to assess yourself as a competitor; you know most positions have applicants in the hundreds. But as you look over your resume in comparison to the job description, you feel a slight twinge of doubt. Won’t many of the others have the same qualifications? What makes you stand out above the rest? What can you do that truly makes you stand out as the top choice for the job?

  • Show (how) you got things done. On your resume, make a point of not only listing your accomplishments, but also how you got them done above and beyond what was required. Keep it short and sweet, yet make it clear you not only met your quotas but surpassed them. Do what you can to demonstrate how you excelled in your position and appreciated the bottom line.
  • Get ready. Don’t simply go through the basic interview questions and plan your answers; consider what talents and skills a top performer needs for this position; then figure out how you can convey those to your interviewer. Focus on highlighting them in your responses — an interviewer wants to know whether you’ll be an asset to the company.
  • Show passion. Solid performers will prove through their resumes and interview responses that they have the qualifications to get the job done. Top performers do that: They perform. That is, they demonstrate passion for what they do and find ways to achieve more; learn new ways to improve. Without going overboard, show your interviewer this position will allow you to innovate and use your skills to live your passion through your work.

Make yourself a top candidate through your skills, preparation and passion. For help achieving that goal, work with the experienced Thousand Oaks recruiting team at PrideStaff today!

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