Busy Workplace? Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle.

You’ve just started a new job at a bustling company, eager to become part of the team. However, similarly to starting that first day at a new school, you feel a little unsure — how should you proceed in terms of where you fit in with your colleagues? Do you speak up right away at your first meeting? How do you make a home and a name for yourself in the most positive way? It can seem like a delicate dance, but we can show you some of the steps.

  • Observe all you can. In the beginning, take it all in. What do you notice each day about the culture, the way employees interact with each other and their customers? How do they run meetings, and how are projects run? How do departments interact, and which people are the “go-tos” for certain questions or knowledge? As you observe, think of what you can add to that mix. Can you make yourself a go-to person for something? Let your observations help you find your niche, your strong spot.
  • Stay confident. When you feel those pangs of doubt during the first few months, remember: They hired you. You got this job over possibly hundreds of other applicants because you brought something to the table that your employer thought of as a solid match. Keep in mind you have the experience and skills needed to do the job well … but don’t be afraid to ask for help if you can’t find your own answers first.
  • Consider the 30-60-90 plan. Many new hires take the plunge without planning out their first 90 days, which most employers consider a trial period. During the first 30 days, take the time to learn: Understand the company’s goals and strategic plan, and figure out your boss’s expectations for you. Get to know your customers, clients and the overall office culture. During the next 30 days, start putting your own stamp on things by slowly but surely creating your personal brand — how can what you bring to the table add to the company’s growth? Take on some tasks outside of your regular responsibilities. Those next 30 days should have you feeling confident in your role and thinking about leadership opportunities. Get more proactive and start thinking of solutions to potential problems. Take stock of your growth, see where you can go and put beginner mistakes in the past.

Busy workplaces can seem overwhelming at first, but following these steps and putting forth your best effort will have you as busy as anyone else before you know it, working as part of a larger team. For help finding your next opportunity, reach out to the PrideStaff Thousand Oaks staffing professionals.