How to Improve Employee Engagement

Employee disengagement leads to higher turnover, less productivity, and an overall more negative workplace. On the one hand, not all workplaces can have that balance of fun and focus that a mega-company such as Google famously does. On the other hand, work doesn’t have to mean seven hours a day of drudgery.

Be a role model in the truest sense. Employees follow your lead, either consciously or subconsciously. If you want them to act positively, you have to do the same. If you want them to care about their work and those around them, you must show you care as well. If you want them to get excited and be willing to put in 100 percent, you need to make it obvious that you will, too. By modeling the behavior you want, your employees will follow suit.

Recognize employees’ contributions. If an employee does especially well on a project or brings in a new client, acknowledge what she has done, either personally or to the overall group. This tells employees that you see the work they do and you appreciate it; they’re not simply a faceless cog in the machine. Some offices have an Employee of the Month that fellow employees nominate, allowing everyone in the office to also acknowledge and value the efforts of their fellow employees, whether it’s because of a great working attitude or because, as the office “caretaker,” they make everyone else feel good. Employees want a little recognition for what they do; offering it will encourage them to keep doing it.

Make their jobs easier to do. That doesn’t mean you give less work; rather, you give them the tools and feedback to work more effectively. Employees who don’t know what’s expected of them may not feel adequately trained. If an employee does not have access to the tools or people they need to get their job done fully, they may find ways to avoid working. Make sure that managers give helpful, timely, and genuine feedback on performance as well — this fosters engagement within employees. A carpenter can’t do a job without proper hammer and nails; ensure that employees have what they need to do their best.

Taking the time and effort to work on just these three suggestions will make the workplace a more inviting and engaging place for all employees. For help with employee engagement, reach out to the experienced staffing professionals at PrideStaff Thousand Oaks today!