Is the Best Candidate Always the One with the Most Experience?

Experience is an important attribute to look for when considering job candidates. But how heavily should it weigh in your hiring decision? Every role has specific qualifications which must be met, but what about the intangibles that candidates can also bring?

Begin with a baseline level of required knowledge and experience. Training a candidate from the ground up is simply too time consuming. A candidate who has previous experience successfully navigating the same kinds of challenges they can expect to encounter in a new role can ramp up quickly.

But beyond experience, what other factors must hiring managers consider when selecting talent?

What are the candidate’s expectations? Is he looking for a flexible job that fits into their schedule or looking for a career position where they can stay and develop? Hire a candidate whose needs will mesh with yours.

Does he have potential? A candidate with some experience who is highly trainable may be a better investment than a more experienced candidate who is set in his ways and unwilling to learn.

Does he have a strong work ethic? When choosing between two candidates, pick the one who can show a track record of going the extra mile.

Will you incur extra expenses? Consider whether you should choose the best local candidate or pay to relocate the best of the best from another city.

Does he fit your culture? Corporate culture is a much spoken about topic, but hard to define. Look for candidates who will fit into your team, but can bring fresh insights to the company.

Will he thrive with your management style? A candidate who needs constant feedback will not do well with a laissez-faire manager. By the same token, a highly independent candidate may not be the best match for a process-oriented supervisor.

How can you optimize your assessment process?

Don’t underestimate the importance of having a structured hiring process. If you don’t have the expertise or the time to focus on a talent search, partner with a staffing firm you trust.

Your staffing partner can help you with:

Sourcing. The best people may not be currently in the job market. It takes an experienced recruiter to locate them and attract them to your opportunity.

Job descriptions. Writing a compelling job description can help attract top talent – people who are looking for positions where they will be challenged and rewarded.

Screening. Skilled interviewers know the right questions. They dig deep to learn the true nature of the candidate ­– both professionally and personally – to ensure a skill and cultural fit.

Detecting potential. An experienced recruiter can identify a candidate with star potential for an employer willing to develop their talents.

Streamlining the process. A staffing expert can keep all the steps involved in the hiring process progressing smoothly.

An experienced interviewer can look past the resume to get at what the candidate is truly like. They will look carefully at both the experience and the potential of your top candidates and help you make hiring decisions that are best for your business, in both the long and short term. For advice on hiring, reach out to the experienced staffing professionals at PrideStaff Thousand Oaks.