The business world moves quickly. So why don’t hiring processes always follow suit? Of course, hiring takes time and shouldn’t be done in a hurry…but moving too slowly can mean you lose out on quality hires who don’t want to wait around for you to decide. Plus, it can drain your company of time and resources. What can you do to streamline the process?

Nobody likes to play the waiting game.

Top talent, in particular, gets snatched up quickly – think of old-school choosing teams for dodgeball. All the “good ones” don’t wait to get chosen; someone who recognizes their skills picks them first. Social media and other forms of networking both digital and in-person mean most high-demand talent gets recruited from multiple sides, so don’t lose a candidate to another company who swoops in from the side while they wait for you to take the next step in the hiring process.

Slow hiring can have a ripple effect.

A slow process can mean you miss out on the best candidates, which actually can cost you money in the long run. Plus – again with social media connecting everyone – those quality candidates may avoid applying for your company if a site such as Glassdoor has multiple complaints about how long the hiring process took. Remember, you want to make your company as appealing to the top recruits as possible, and that includes getting them to consider you in the first place.

Don’t go it alone.

One tried-and-true way to streamline your hiring process: Let someone else take the reins. Almost 90 percent of today’s companies use a staffing agency – are you part of that percentage? A staffing agency like PrideStaff makes it their business to improve yours through finding you quality employees – plus they’ve got the hiring process down to a science. You simply have to meet with an experienced PrideStaff team member to discuss your company’s needs, and they’ll take it from there. And because they’re so good at finding top talent, neither you nor the candidate will have to wait long.

Let a well-established staffing agency such as PrideStaff Thousand Oaks help you streamline your hiring process and bring top talent to you – that way, you’ll always get first pick of the best team members.

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