Strategies to Encourage Teamwork

When you hear the word “teamwork,” what’s your reaction? Do you brighten at the thought of working with others, or do you roll your eyes? The concept of teamwork, when promoted well, can truly bring employees together and demonstrate just how much a group effort can accomplish – as opposed to forcing people to collaborate without a real plan to make it effective. Let’s look at how to encourage workplace teamwork and give employees the opportunity to do their best work in a group setting.

Have a shared, clear goal.

In order for employees to work together successfully, they need to know what they’re trying to accomplish. If you have team members all working toward different ends, nobody has a true sense of direction. Before starting a project, the team must come together, literally and figuratively, to clarify the purpose of the work and a shared goal, as well as reasonable expectations of accountability and outcomes.

Create a sense of place for all team members.

Every employee wants to feel like he belongs when working in a group situation – it helps them feel committed to that shared goal, as well as decisions made and actions taken. It sometimes helps to start by looking at everyone’s skill sets and seeing who can best accomplish what and give each person a role to fulfill. Developing team norms helps foster that sense of belonging.

Communicate openly, honestly, and respectfully.

When team members listen to each other instead of simply waiting for the person to stop talking so they can rebut, very little gets accomplished. Employees who feel safe to express their opinions and thoughts in a group setting and listen carefully to those of others create a feeling of trust that improves the group dynamic…and often the quality of the work.

Teamwork done right can improve morale and help employees shine in ways they might not otherwise. For advice on how to best accomplish your group’s goals, reach out to our expert staffing team at PrideStaff Thousand Oaks.