When it’s time to make a hiring decision, does the prospect excite or worry you? If it’s the latter, why the concern? Some companies aren’t quite sure what type of employee to hire but perhaps have made some unfortunate permanent hiring decisions, so they’d prefer to go the temporary or temp-to-perm route. So let’s look at these two possibilities that will allow you to wade in – rather than starting at the deep end of  –  the hiring pool.

Temporary Staff

Look at hiring temporary or contract staff when you need extra help for a specific or limited amount of time and you want to save some money (remember, the staffing company pays this person’s salary, not you). You may have a huge project that needs some more hands on than your current staff for the next three months. Or perhaps you’ve got someone going out for an extended health or maternity leave. Or maybe you’re just not sure of how work fluctuations will affect the next quarter, and you’re hesitant to bring on a full-time employee and pay for training, benefits, and the rest of it. In any of these situations, bringing on qualified temporary staff will help stabilize your business and your other employees.

A tip: Be sure to prepare the rest of your workers for the incoming temps – let them know why the extra employees are needed, what their function is, and how everyone can work together for a smooth transition.

Temp-to-Hire Staff

Hiring on a temp-to-hire basis allows you to do a sort of “trial run” and see if that person will fit in with the company culture and become a viable part of your company’s permanent work force.It benefits both sides: Consider it an extended working interview where the employee has the opportunity to determine if the position and company are a good long-term fit, and an employers get to see how the employee adapts and fits into the company culture. You may want to choose the temp-to-hire option when you know business will pick up in the future and you want to get a good employee on board without having to do that last-minute search and rushed training – someone who’s already been there for an extended period of time and already knows your protocols and how you want things done.

In either case, a top staffing agency such as PrideStaff Thousand Oaks can give you qualified, vetted options for your staffing needs. Figure out which option best fits your company and contact them for the best candidates.

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