Don’t Make These Mobile Application Mistakes!

To use an old phrase, the one constant is change, and that rings true for how to apply for a job as well. As of 2013, companies who had mobile-friendly application processes had 1 in 5 applications coming from mobile devices. 77% of job seekers used mobile job search apps as of 2011 (24.8% of those were college grads and entry level). And 68% of people used their mobile device to search for jobs at least once a week. These statistics demonstrate the rising number of people who apply to jobs using mobile devices (although as of September 2014, only 20% of companies had mobile-friendly career sites). But if you do use a modern method, keep in mind that employers disregarding errors on job applications is one stat that probably won’t change with time.


  • Install job search apps. While not every company has yet figured out how to make its online process mobile-savvy, the applications market has come to the rescue. You can use keyword and location searches, create a resume, and email job listings on many of them. And job sites such as CareerBuilder have specific apps that allow you to apply right from your phone, using your saved resume from the website.
  • Use LinkedIn, specifically. LinkedIn, a great networking website for any would-be job seeker, has a helpful mobile app that allows you to search for jobs and apply to company websites that use it. With a few clicks, you can use your LinkedIn profile to apply directly to a number of employers out there.


  • Try to use websites that simply aren’t mobile-friendly. As stated above, many employers simply aren’t with the times yet. Trying to constantly shrink and enlarge the screen, as well as move it around to find all the right boxes to enter your information, leads to eye strain and, quite possibly, errors or omissions. While many of you are probably quite used to navigating the window on your smartphone, when you can’t see the entire screen at once, it also takes away from your concentration as you try to find the right part of the site to enter your information.
  • Treat the application the same way you treat social media. When we use our phones to look at social media and create posts, we tend to do so quickly. It’s just the nature of the beast; it’s a fast pace, and sometimes things get missed in typing. When applying for a job on a mobile device, it’s tempting to unconsciously treat it the same way you’d treat a response on Facebook, and that’s asking for trouble. Add the fact that we tend to use our devices when we’re on the go. Responding to a job posting while waiting in line or watching TV leads to responses with lack of depth, leaving out important attachments (like a resume), and low likelihood that you’ll get an interview.

If you really want to use your mobile to apply for a job, take the time to do so carefully and make sure you give it the same attention you would when using an actual computer. Decide when the convenience of using a mobile is actually convenient. For job search advice, reach out to the experienced staffing professionals at PrideStaff Thousand Oaks today!

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