Is there a “season” for adding new, quality talent to your company or one time that seems to yield better results than another? Quite simply, yes, and it’s approaching fast: the end of December/first few weeks in January. In fact, the first three weeks of January have the nickname “the golden recruiting window.” Here are the whys and hows as to the best way to take advantage of this phenomenon.

  • A new year, a new perspective. Think of it this way: The holidays give people the chance to sit back, relax, and make plans for the new year. Perhaps they decide that this year they’ll finally go after that job they truly want. You can capitalize on this by making sure your Career page and other recruiting efforts are up-to-date and appealing to prospective clients, whether active or passive.
  • First quarter means updated budgets and possibilities. With the budget set out for the foreseeable future, this gives you the advantage of seeing where you could use more talent. And if you get your job descriptions prepared before the December rush, you won’t have to spend that time in early January, giving you the edge over other companies who let it go until after the end-of-year crush. This in turn allows you to seek and find those qualified candidates who have decided to avail themselves of new opportunities.
  • Use the December slowdown to your advantage. While this time of year sometimes means fewer applications, this can mean you have the pick of those active candidates who don’t stop looking, not even for the holidays. And getting someone in place before the end of the year means that person is ready to go in January with the other employees, rested up and eager to start the year off right.

As the year comes to its close, take the time to think about who you want and in what capacity. If you don’t get hiring done by the end of December, take advantage of that “golden” window in January to find quality talent who want a fresh start…and give it to them. For more help on recruiting, reach out to the professional recruiting staff at PrideStaff Thousand Oaks today!

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