Looking for a Place to Land? How to Turn a Temporary Assignment into a Full Time One

You’re enjoying your job assignment, you like your superiors, and life would be just about perfect if you could make the position last longer than the six months you’ve been hired for. So what magic can you weave to turn that temporary position into a full time one? For those who don’t have a wand, you can use some of these strategies to set yourself up for a more long-term position.

  • Choose wisely. Before even getting a temp job, look at the staffing agencies that focus on your particular industry; they will have the inside track on who’s hiring and can connect you with their clients. Ask who their biggest clients are; if they name companies in your field, link up with that agency. PrideStaff Thousand Oaks, for example, works with companies in industries ranging from IT and labor to admin and beyond. To put it in simplest terms, temp where you want to work.
  • Speak up! When you begin working with your recruiter, state up front that you’re looking for temp-to-perm work. A good number of companies have that listing as a possibility…and even if it’s only temporary, simply tell your supervisor or boss at your assignment that you’d love to be considered for something longer term. It may sound basic, but if you don’t make your wishes known, they may not pick up on your signals that you’d like to stay. Keep it professional, of course – say, “I’ve really learned a lot here. If a more permanent spot opens up, I’d like to be considered,” versus, “So do you have anything permanent coming up? I’m interested.” Work the fine line between eager/interested and aggressive/pushy.
  • Make yourself indispensable. Consider the assignment a long-term job interview: If you want someone to hire you, do what you can to make them feel as though your absence would leave a significant gap in their staff. Take the work assigned to you and figure out how you can do it better than anyone else they might consider. If you get your work done for the day, see where and how else you can help out. Ask your supervisor or other more seasoned colleagues for advice and look at how others have successfully done your job. Make yourself someone others want to work with. This doesn’t mean you become the office cookie-bringer; it means you position yourself as a valued and much-needed team member.
  • Your parents were right: patience is a virtue. The company you want a permanent job with may not have one at that moment. But if you do your job well and remain in contact with them after the assignment ends, they may call your recruiter or you in six months when something opens up. An employer is more likely to hire someone they have a positive working relationship with than an unknown. So keep your relationship with your recruiter positive and ongoing as well – if they know just what you’re looking for, they can better help you find what you want.

PrideStaff Thousand Oaks has all manner of positions and excellent recruiters waiting for you. Contact our experienced recruiters to set up an appointment and put yourself on the path to finding the position you’re looking for.

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