As you go through the hiring process, while you have many considerations for your candidates, remember they also have some for you. One important factor for many job seekers involves company culture. Can they fit in with the beliefs and mission of your company? And will this culture fit the candidate in a way that helps her to thrive and grow?  In fact, in a May 2013 study by Booz & Company, 84% of employer respondents surveyed believe corporate culture is critical to success.  And while you don’t want to exclude a candidate because at first glance she doesn’t seem to fit your idea of what you want, consider the fact that finding the right person can include finding someone who will work in sync with the way the company thinks, feels, and acts.

A job seeker wants to get hired, but when considering the long term, he also wants to work somewhere that has a culture he can get on board with. If the fit doesn’t seem right for his personality as well as his skills, he probably won’t last long. Consider this: Studies show that employees who matched up with their employers, supervisors, and overall company felt more satisfaction in the position, were more likely to stay on long-term, were more committed, identified more with their organization, and demonstrated better job performance.

On the employer end, as you consider company cultural fit, consider that the benefits to the employees as stated above also add benefits for your company as well. Any organization that has committed, happy workers who feel a connection with their employer will have overall success in its market. As you review candidates, ask questions that help you figure out if they will connect with your culture, asking questions such as

  • Describe your ideal work environment.
  • Explain a work environment or culture in which you would NOT be happy.
  • Describe the behavior and characteristics of the best boss you’ve ever had.
  • Tell me about your preferred work style (e.g. alone or on a team, with close supervision or allowed to work independently, fast-paced or slower paced)
  • What is the single most important factor that must be present in your work environment for you to be successfully and happily employed? Now that you have answered that question, what were two others that you debated about before giving the response that you chose?
  • What are the positive aspects of your current job and work environment, or the last position you held before coming to this interview?

Asking questions like these will give you a good idea of whether this candidate will fit well with your company’s culture, and it’s an important part of the interview. If you can find an employee with the skills and experience you want, as well as someone who matches with the mindset and pace of your company, you’ve got the potential for success for both the employee and you. Contact us today to start working with our talented staff to find the right candidate fit for your company.

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