What Does “Temp-to-Hire” Mean For You?

When looking for work, make sure you seriously consider the idea of a temporary-to-permanent (temp-to-perm or temp-to-hire) position. Particularly in this economy, many good jobs exist on a temporary basis that will keep you working and current in your chosen field. When in between long-term jobs, one of the best ways to get hired again is to keep active, and a temporary position can accomplish that. Other benefits include making connections, getting good recommendations and, quite possibly, getting hired permanently from a temporary position. So what can you do in your temporary situation to make it successful, whether you’re there for two weeks or two months? And, if you get hired, how do you make a smooth transition?

  • First of all, avoid a negative “temp” mentality. This may seem obvious, but too many people do not consider temp work as “real” work, so they slack off and don’t do their best, figuring they’ll leave at some point anyway. Consider the impression you leave, taking into account the fact that your managers may give you recommendations later. In addition, banish this phrase or anything similar from your mind: “That’s not in my job description.” If a superior asks you to do something extra that’s reasonable (taking out trash, filing, etc.), do so without complaint. This demonstrates a positive attitude, as does asking if you can help with anything else after finishing all of your assigned duties.
  • Make a good impression. Can the people at the company count on you in all aspects, going beyond arriving on time, fulfilling your duties (which you should to your utmost), and meeting all required deadlines? Do you dress and act professionally according to the company’s standards, including staying on task and avoiding your phone unless on a break or in an emergency? Do you communicate clearly, particularly regarding your availability (be honest) to your agency and your temporary employer? And, finally, are you pleasant? Being nice may seem simple, but it goes a long way.
  • Regarding making the transition from temp-to-hire, start by convincing them they want to hire you. Much of this has to do with following the two steps above, and, sometimes, asking directly about becoming a permanent employee. It doesn’t hurt to let your employer know you want to stay there — on the contrary, it shows your commitment. Do have patience in the meantime; there’s a fine line between a temporary employee eager to get a permanent job and pushing to get one. Then, if you get hired, continue to act in that same way, eager to learn and go beyond the basics. Show an employer that you didn’t merely act that way to get a job; this is the real you, and they hired the right person for the (permanent) job.
  • Build relationships. Take stock of the culture of the company and figure out how you can fit in. This helps you become part of the team and make connections with your co-workers, and they often give recommendations to superiors. Making yourself invaluable as a skilled worker and as someone others want to keep around goes a long way toward making that happen, and it helps keeps you there…and possibly helps move you up the ladder, if you so choose.

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